I’ve been eating vegetarian bordering on vegan for almost five months now. I’ve come to discover that plants are pretty amazing. They can be light or dark, thick or thin, delicate or tough. They can give you minerals and vitamins and make you feel like you have the energy to do anything! Figuring out new ways to cook them is a challenge but has its rewards. When I make a recipe that includes all vegetables and tastes delicious, I feel like I’ve conquered that childhood battle that was me (and most children, I think) against the vegetables on my plate, pushing them to the side and then being “too full” to get to them!

Today, I will be taking plants in through a juice and a “zen bowl” which includes broccolini (who knew there was such a thing before?!), peppers, mushrooms, kale, tomato, and quinoa. Delicious!


9 thoughts on “Veggie

  1. I like vegetables but only the ones I like! Ha! Sound like a kid don’t I? I eat a lot of the ones like, but I am not very adventurous, even though I know good they are for me.

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  2. My daughter is vegan and is often after me to “convert”. I really do enjoy the meals you make but for now, it is not a route I am taking. We eat a lot of veggies tho – love a variety.

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