Slice of Life Day 1 (or: Better Late than Never)

Good morning and welcome to my blog!

I am starting a blog for three reasons:

  1. I would like to participate in the Slice of Life challenge from the Two Writing Teachers blog (thank you Diane Anderson for the suggestion).
  2. I would like to start sharing resources for teachers of English Learners.
  3. I would like to collaborate online with other writers and teachers.

So, that being said, here is my slice of life for today:

Daily Walk 

My curious pup Susie and I take a walk every morning to start our day. We go down to the park, run around, and then cruise the neighborhood for about 20-30 more minutes. The freedom to be able to walk down the street and forget our cares is one that I cherish. What popped up today was no less than tickling to me than most days, as I tend to channel my inner child on these walks. I giggle, I sing songs I make up or ones that I’ve known forever, and sometimes I skip. It is the one time of day that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me! As we passed a group of teenage squirrels frolicking and chasing each other around the large, old trees that line New Jersey street, I giggled. When we passed the Indygo bus and Susie barked and tried to chase it, I imagined a spaceship or some other intimidating vehicle looming down on her (what issss this??). I giggled.  As we passed 22nd Street, the pine tree filled with tiny squawking birds reminded me of a group of chatty mothers at a coffee shop, and I giggled. As we hurried back up our path to the apartment building, I giggled when Susie did her customary tug of “Already? I don’t waaant to go in”, and then I realized the time. And I giggled, because although our walk had taken longer than I intended, as it usually does, it was totally worth it. 


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